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What Our Customers Say

"We're grateful to have discovered AgentSync early on. It's spared us the considerable challenge of manual compliance management and let us focus on growing our entity."
Max Morelli
Compliance Manager, Evertree 
“If you’re afraid of how much it costs to buy something like ProducerSync API from a third party, think about the cost savings instead. It’s more of a savings to not have to pay people to enter data.”
Jim Mastowski
President & Chief Information Officer, Jimcor Agencies
"It’s a zero-sum game. If I’m spending time on licensing, I’m not spending that time on our MGA, which is where the revenue opportunities are."
Daniel Hinman
VP of Insurance at Mulberri
“The first benefit I noticed when we got AgentSync was that I wasn’t having to spend my weekends catching up on processing appointments by hand anymore. It just took that work immediately off my plate.”
Jay Howard
Director of Compliance and Risk Management, Service Insurance Companies
“AgentSync helps us be more efficient. It helps us put compliance resourcing and expertise into areas where we need extra attention or can help us scale our business in other risk mitigated ways that are really important for us."
Kylie Gauthier
VP Financial Products
"Before AgentSync, information on all our adjusters and producers was living in three different places. It’s nice to have everything in one spot, and in a place that’s not a binder or a spreadsheet!"
Stephanie Davis
“One of my favorite parts about my job is getting to tell agents that their license has been issued or renewed quickly, sometimes within a day.”
Compliance Manager
"AgentSync is definitely worth the investment and the time it takes to get everything set up. It’s been a game changer for us as we’re growing. I don’t think we could be where we’re at right now without the help of AgentSync."
Matt Brockmeier,
Business Development Specialist at Veterans United Insurance
“We’ve had one of our best years, and exceeded our membership growth and increase our agent partners by more than 800 new agents.”
Kara Johnson,
Director of Strategic Growth Initiatives
“AgentSync had all of the features we needed fully implemented and integrated already. We didn’t have to wait for a phase two, which is a common response we received from a lot of different vendors.”
Aaron Allen
Legal and Compliance Officer
“Streamlining appointments was important to us when looking for a producer management and compliance partner.”
Deane Silke
“From a technology standpoint, AgentSync seemed much more modern and much more up-to-date than other systems we looked at, putting them in a better position to service our future needs.”
Jay Moyer
VP - Director of Marketing
“AgentSync has really helped alleviate the stress that I have when it comes to renewing licenses because I don't even have to think about it anymore. I completely trust my representative to be on top of it for me.”
Lisa Ruzzi
Surplus Lines Filing & Compliance Manager
“I can manage all of our licenses by myself. I wouldn’t be able to do that if not for AgentSync, or I would work 100 hours a week and I would still be behind. The system is just very manageable and so easy.”
Carrie DeHaven
Director of Agency Operations
“We are constantly looking for ways to improve the agent experience. This is why we have partnered with AgentSync – to help remove the burdens associated with the onboarding process and push our onboarding process to the next level. Utilizing AgentSync’s customizable technology will help us to do just that. It creates significant efficiencies that improve the agent onboarding experience allowing agents to go to work the same day they contract.”
Ron Powell

“When we were looking to change producer management platforms, there were a couple features AgentSync had – flexibility with reporting, automated solution, cost-effectiveness. But really we were impressed with the user interface. It’s modern and sleek, plus we found it to be user-friendly and intuitive."

Senior leader within licensing department

"AgentSync is a great tool to run your insurance licensing compliance program. Everything is centralized, it makes everything more efficient. What I love the most is it gives me a clear view of the status of the licensing program at Rippling at any given time – both for the agencies and the producers."

Daniela Lagoteta

"We work with thousands of producer partners across the country. One of our jobs is to make sure the producers we are partnering with are compliant. We were looking for something that was automated and a lot more efficient than the manual process we were doing. AgentSync completely fit the bill."

Rob Evans