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Insurance is mostly regulated on a state-by-state basis, with each state and U.S. territory determining their own legal standards and procedures. Here you can find state-specific information such as department of insurance contacts; read FAQs about licensing, carrier appointments, and Just-In-Time requirements; and stay up to date with relevant articles and blogs.

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With AgentSync’s 50 State Summary Table, we’ve taken the top questions concerning licensing, appointments, adjuster, and business entity management and set them in a comparative grid across the states and territories. Have an at-a-glance understanding of how each state handles appointments or licensing.

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Disclaimer - AgentSync does not warrant to the completeness or accuracy of the information provided in this database. You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and totality of all representations, assumptions, information and data provided by AgentSync to you in this database. The information in this database should not be construed as legal, financial, or other professional advice, and AgentSync is not responsible for any harm you sustain by relying on the information provided herein. You acknowledge and agree that the use of this information is at your own risk. You should always consult with the applicable state and federal regulatory authority to confirm the accuracy of any of the information provided in this database.

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Upcoming Changes

South Carolina to add new license class Pharmacy Service Administrative Organization (PSAO)

Effective October 13, 2023 South Carolina will add a new license class Pharmacy Service Administrative Organization for business entities.

Michigan Updating State Code Requirements for Mailing and Business Address

Effective October 17, 2023, Michigan will allow individual applicants to change the state code of the mailing address to any state. However, Michigan individual residents’ business address state code must be one of the following: - Michigan - Indiana - Ohio - Wisconsin - Illinois

Connecticut to Update Revoked Business Rule to Defer to the State

Effective October 13, 2023, Connecticut will be updating business rule for Revoked status to defer to the state instead of reject for both individuals and business.  This will apply to Resident Licensing, Resident Licensing Renewals, Non-Resident Licensing, Non-Resident Renewals, Non-Resident Adjuster Licensing, Non-Resident Adjuster Renewal, No Home State and No Home State Renewals.

Maine P&C Surplus Lines Licenses and Premium Tax Changes

Effective October 25, 2023, Maine will be making changes to P&C Surplus Lines Licenses and Premium Taxes.  See attachment for full details.

2023 Illinois Company Appointment Renewals for Limited Lines Producer License Classe

Appointment renewal invoices and the list of appointment renewals due will be available on the NIPR website beginning 8:00 AM Central Time, November 2, 2023, through 4:00 PM Central Time January 2, 2024. 

New York Will Begin Loading Continuing Education (CE) Compliance Data to the Producer Database (PDB)

Effective October 13, 2023, New York will begin loading Continuing Education (CE) compliance data to the Producer Database (PDB). The current value loaded to the CE compliance field on PDB does not accurately capture the licensee’s CE compliance status. With these changes, the licensee’s current CE compliance status for New York will be loaded to the PDB report. Note: The compliance indicator on PDB will only include general CE compliance. Certain license classes require ‘Flood’ courses, but PDB will only display the general compliance status.

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