ProducerSync API

Accurate, actionable producer and adjuster data at your fingertips

ProducerSync API is a REST API that provides access to more than 200 data points, including producer licensing, carrier appointments, and adjuster licensing.

AgentSync’s structure humanizes NIPR data for easy-to-understand, contextualized information that’s always up to date. With accurate data delivered straight into your existing systems, your teams can act without hours of research and guesswork.

This means faster speed-to-revenue, more efficient compliance teams, lower business risk, and better-informed business decisions.

ProducerSync API transforms your systems

ProducerSync API transforms your Policy Admin and/or other Systems of Record. Rest easy knowing you have accurate, updated data in your systems. Our customers no longer have to worry about commission clawbacks, Producers with missing or expired licenses, and risk of regulatory fines due to lack of compliance.

ProducerSync API simplifies your processes

ProducerSync API simplifies the steps to obtain and maintain accurate producer data in your system. This removes manual tasks and allows our customer’s business teams to focus on higher value work instead of chasing down documents and performing endless review and verifications.


Data at your fingertips

Key producer and adjuster business data delivered where you need it, when you need it, reducing commission clawbacks and NIGO applications before they happen

Faster onboarding and continuous compliance

License and appointment data flags errors at the point of onboarding to reduce friction and accelerate your speed to revenue

Operational efficiency

Use appointment data to activate the cost-savings of Just-In-Time appointments and enable efficient business decisions

ProducerSync API FAQs

Who is a good fit for ProducerSync API?

Carriers, agencies, and MGAs that already have a robust, highly integrated tech stack are understandably reluctant to add another layer of fully developed software on top. Instead of buying a standalone compliance and onboarding solution, these businesses often have internal developers who’d prefer to thread API data through their existing systems.

These businesses value having data at the point of action, layering license and appointment data into current processes for commission payments, onboarding, background checks, appointments, claims payments, and more. They’re interested in technical control without having to do the work of building a new infrastructure system and processes to update, scrub, and contextualize data.

What data does ProducerSync API provide?

ProducerSync API retrieves many data points for producers and adjusters, continually updating your systems. By using a REST API architecture, the ProducerSync API draws standardized data points from the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR), the insurance industry source of truth, and injects them into your current tech stack. 

Some examples of the data you can unlock with the ProducerSync API include:

  • License class
  • License expiration date
  • License issue date
  • License active status
  • Resident / non-resident license number
  • Line of authority active status
  • Line of authority issue date
  • Appointments by carrier
  • Appointments by state
  • Appointment expiration date
  • Regulatory Information Retrieval System (RIRS) penalties/fines/forfeitures
  • Reason for action
  • RIRS date of action from/to
  • RIRS effective date from/to
What does it mean that ProducerSync API “humanizes” data?

State Departments of Insurance (DOIs) deliver data about producer licensing and appointments to NIPR, but the data itself doesn’t tell the broader story. States use many different names and ways of drawing connections between lines of authority and lines of business and specific licenses, and, unless your staff knows those nuances off the tops of their heads, each new license application or compliance verification can take hours of research to validate. 

For instance, your producer in the District of Columbia holds a personal lines license. How’s your team supposed to know that they need to apply for a property and casualty license in Texas if they want to sell there? With AgentSync’s products, you have a standardized breakdown of what license type you want your producers to have based on what they plan to sell. 

By providing not only the bare-bones data but also context for what it means, AgentSync’s ProducerSync API can help your compliance and operations teams make decisions more efficiently and effectively. No guesswork, no hours of research.  

Can the ProducerSync API be used alongside AgentSync’s Manage and Autopilot programs?

Yes! Several existing customers use Manage to provide a comprehensive view of producer and adjuster compliance and enable broad business data reporting for their compliance and operations teams. To make data accessible across multiple teams and to deliver producer data at the point of action, they also use the ProducerSync API because it draws the data across systems for peak integrational capacity.

Can the ProducerSync API replace the CSR for compliance?

Yes! The ProducerSync API accesses every data point available via NIPR’s Company Specialized Report (CSR), and more. Best of all, the API data is continuously up to date, meaning you won’t need to rely on manual periodic processes to verify compliance.

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