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Insurance Process Library

Insurance licensing and compliance Knowledge Base

The library is your go-to resource for all things insurance licensing and compliance. From to how-to’s, best practices, and insurance 101s, the Insurance Process Library supports insurance MGAs, Carriers and Agencies through the complexities of producer compliance management and distribution growth.

Insurance Continuing Education (CE)

Insurance continuing education is key to standard producer licenses across all 50 states. Find out more about how regulatory variations differ between states.

Insurance 101

Learn the basic who’s and what’s of the insurance industry with these beginner-level explanations of terminology and concepts common to insurance.

History of Insurance Regulation

If you’ve ever thought “but why is insurance done this way?” then the History of Insurance Regulation is for you, with quick looks and commentary on the laws that shape…

Distribution Growth

Managing insurance producers and other distribution partners at any volume is no mean feat. Read on to learn how to get your arms around the challenge of growing your distribution.

Producer Recruiting

Attracting the attention of prospective insurance producers and downstream partners to build relationships is mission-critical across the industry: How do you measure up?

Producer Onboarding

Bringing new insurance producers – brokers and agents – into the business can be a process bottlenecked by manual tasks. Unblock your process with best practices from the industry.

Producer Contracting

Keeping everyone up to date with a carrier contract can be chaotic – read about how to stay current even as insurance carrier contracts morph for their agency partners.

Producer Licensing

From continuing education to renewal dates across states, learn how to remove the barriers of regulatory variations across states to keep your resident and nonresident licenses in force.

Producer Appointment Submission

Not all states require appointments. Others require appointments for all producers. Some allow for umbrella agency appointments. Carriers and MGAs that handle appointments: These resources are for you.

Producer Compliance Maintenance

From onboarding to termination, every stage of your relationship with an insurance producer requires maintaining basic compliance hygiene. Read on to learn hands-on – and hands-off! – techniques.

Producer Offboarding

Retirement. Seasonal insurance cycles. Shenanigans. No matter the reason, terminating a producer relationship deserves full attention to fill partner and regulatory expectations.

Compliance Reporting and Data

How long does it take you to onboard? How many producers are actively licensed and ready to sell in Georgia? Good data means good decision-making for your insurance business.

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