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MGAs and MGUs of all sizes partner with AgentSync to turbo-charge their growth. We help the insurance industry’s most unique companies streamline distribution management, ensure effortless compliance, and achieve a state of data nirvana.

AgentSync helps our MGA and MGU partners achieve:

  • Quick and easy producer onboarding
    Get producers in your distribution channel ready to sell faster with a seamless process for onboarding and maintaining agent licensure, even in multiple states and across multiple lines of business.
  • Effortless Compliance
    Automatically check producer compliance at given points-in-time throughout the producer lifecycle. Our solution is updated to reflect ongoing regulatory changes to ensure your compliance is up to date. 

With our solutions, and our expert customer success team by your side, we help create massive operational efficiencies for MGAs and MGUs.

AgentSync eliminates complexity and simplifies workflows to more easily do business, whether you…

need to deliver a frictionless and modern ready to sell experience,

need to ensure continuous compliance in your producer management workflows,

need to drive distribution management, intelligence, and efficiency,

or need to have accurate and up-to-date producer data flowing through your systems.

Solutions for MGAs/MGUs

Streamline your producer management and compliance.

The hands-off approach to rapid and risk-free growth.

Accurate, actionable producer and adjuster data at your fingertips.

Feed up-to-date data into your existing infrastructure.

Boost your business growth and product development.

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Compliance Library

State-specific information, such as DOI contacts; FAQs about licensing, carrier appointments, and JIT requirements.

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