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Embracing Automation at a Leading Medicare Distributor

Creating efficiencies and improving workflow in the licensing department at one of the nation’s leading insurance marketplaces.


One of the nation’s largest online insurance distributors serving Medicare, small businesses, and individuals and families, has seen significant growth over the past several years. With an increasing number of agents, they needed a solution that could ensure new agents were ready to assist customers as quickly as possible. Streamlining and speeding up processes through automation while maintaining compliance and increasing reporting were their key criteria.


AgentSync has improved the team’s workflow, meaning they can focus on areas that truly require their attention now that the manual workload and processes can be handled by AgentSync’s automated onboarding and licensing management features.

“When we were looking to change producer management platforms, there were a couple features AgentSync had – flexibility with reporting, automated solution, cost-effectiveness. But really we were impressed with the user interface. It’s modern and sleek, plus we found it to be user-friendly and intuitive.”

Senior leader within licensing department

Before & After AgentSync

  • Making agent onboarding quicker by eliminating manual processes was needed to support the company’s growth.
  • Improving visibility through more robust reporting was a must-have as they evaluated new producer management solutions.
  • Keeping costs down was an important factor, and the other options on the market were quite expensive – many charge per transaction, which adds up.
  • Automated onboarding and licensing have allowed the company to scale its agent management process, creating efficiencies and limiting the manual footprint.
  • Flexible, frequent reporting has given the company more visibility and insights into the status of agents and their licensing compliance.
  • A great user experience means AgentSync has been embraced by the company and its agents.
  • Pricing is affordable because AgentSync’s pricing model recognizes the high costs associated with the industry, offering a top-tier service at an affordable cost.

About the company

AgentSync is working with one of the nation’s largest online insurance distributors for the medicare market, small businesses, and individuals under 65 and their families. They assist consumers nationwide identify what health insurance plans are available to them in their area and help them determine which of those products will best meet their needs.