Bridger Insurance Services
expands operational efficiencies and
gains exponential business growth
with AgentSync’s innovative and
best-in-class technology.

Deane Silke,

Deane Silke,

The Bridger Insurance Services Story

Bridger Insurance Services is the bridge to future insurance transactions, making things easy for agency partners and insureds with the use of innovative technology. Bridger is committed to simplifying the transactional process of insurance and speed through which claims are filed.

Deane Silke, President at Bridger, pairs his 35 years of industry expertise with a commitment to identifying areas for growth and driving operational efficiencies in his organization. In an effort to streamline processes in producer management and compliance, Deane sought a technology partner with modern, configurable, and flexible solutions, a commitment to iterating alongside the industry, and an exceptional customer support function to ensure program success. Deane identified AgentSync as the innovative partner to join their tech stack.

“Everything I do and look at within Bridger is about creating efficiencies. We’re definitely
technology-leaning and continually adding insurtechs to our tech stack. I think anybody that
doesn’t take advantage of technology as the industry is moving forward is going to drop by
the wayside. You have to create efficiencies to turn a profit.”


AgentSync provided Bridger with the tools needed to drive efficiencies in distribution channel management workflows. With producer requirements and compliance regulations baked into their solution, AgentSync eliminates complexity when navigating the heavily regulated insurance industry. Streamlining processes through their custom portal, Bridger was able to more efficiently track producer licensing and quickly notify agency partners for further action when a license approaches renewal or lapses.

“AgentSync revolutionized our operations. With a focus on innovation, AgentSync views their
customers as partners and works to make sure their products are constantly relevant, useful,
and adapting to different needs and expectations as the industry changes. With AgentSync,
we get to use automation and technology to our advantage.”


AgentSync’s tailored onboarding portal strengthened Bridger’s producer experience and provided a single source of truth for producer data, including licensing status, requirements, and rules of engagement. Having accurate and up-to-date producer information all in one place cut out communication redundancies for admins. As a result, Bridger was able to get agents and agency partners onboarded and ready to sell faster than ever. With an unrivaled producer experience created using AgentSync’s frictionless and modern onboarding, Bridger improved their licencing administrator’s workflow, achieved faster sales, and ultimately enabled maximum organizational growth.

“AgentSync’s portal gives agents the opportunity to complete their profile and add their own information, which drives huge efficiencies for my team since the agent can now manage their own data.”


AgentSync’s commitment to building modern insurance infrastructure and Bridger’s dedication to leveraging technology to drive operational efficiencies has created a lasting partnership between two industry leaders. As the industry continues to change, the companies that turn to technology to eliminate manual processes will enable their licensing administrators to do their best work, attract the top producers, and ensure lasting organizational growth for years to come.

Deane Silke

“Due to the operational efficiencies we’re creating in-house, as well as what we’re doing with
AgentSync, we have grown our business over 450% in the last 12 months.”

Deane Silke, President

AgentSync Manage eliminates compliance-related complexity in the producer management process.

Learn more about how AgentSync Manage can simplify your producer management workflows here: