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state commissioner

John F. King

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STATE phone
(404) 656-2070

Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner

Appointments & Terminations

Required to report appointments?


Permits Just-in-time (JIT) appointments?


Initial appointment deadlines

Within 15 days of contract execution or first business submission

Initial appointment deadline rule

Appointments must be submitted within 15 days of the date the agent/agency contract is executed or the first piece of business is submitted to the carrier

Can be processed via nipr?


Fees for appointing a resident agency or individual?


Fees for appointing a nonresident agency or individual?


Appoint agencies?


Adjuster appointments via NIPR?


Appointment effective date can be specified?


Appointment effective date rule

Effective date will be ignored (not required). Date effective is date transaction is processed by the state.

State requires appointment renewal?


Appointment renewals via

Georgia portal

Appointment renewal fee

No fees

Terminations processed via NIPR?


Termination reasons

Cancelled; cancelled for cause

Termination date can be specified by carrier?


Termination Effective date rule

Required and is the date supplied on transaction

Termination fee

No fee


Initial individual new license fee

Resident New License Insurance Producer: $120 (Any single LOA; or Agent-Property and Agent-Casualty; or Agent-Life and Agent-Accident and Sickness) Resident New License Insurance Producer: $220 (Agent-Property, Agent-Casualty, Agent-Life, Agent-Accident and Sickness) Resident New License Surplus Lines Broker: $600 Non Resident New License Insurance Producer: $220 (Agent Non Resident Life, Accident & Sickness and Property, Casualty) Non Resident New License Insurance Producer:$120 (Life, Accident & Sickness) Non Resident New License Surplus Lines Broker: $620

License renewal fee

Resident Renewal Insurance Producer: $105 Resident Renewal Insurance Producer: $205 Resident Renewal Surplus Lines Broker: $605 Non Resident Renewal Insurance Producer: $105 Non Resident Renewal Insurance Producer: $205 Non Resident Renewal Personal Lines Broker: $605

When does the resident individual producer license renewal period begin?

90 days before expiration

What is the resident individual producer license renewal date?

Last day of birth month every 2 years based on year of first state license issue

Late renewal or reinstatement period for resident individual producer license?

Late renewal allowed up to 15 days after expiration

When does the nonresident individual producer license renewal period begin?

90 days before expiration

What is the nonresident individual producer license renewal date?

Last day of birth month every 2 years based on year of first state license issue

Late renewal or reinstatement period for nonresident individual producer license?

Late renewal allowed up to 15 days after expiration

Can a producer use a P.O. Box in their resident or business address?


Are individuals required to list their county as part of the address?


What addresses are required for individual license maintenance?

Residence, Business, and Mailing

State individual licenses include

Risk Retention Group, Temporary Agent, Property and Casualty, Life, Agent-Nonresident, Agent-Resident, Crop/Hail Adjuster-Nonresident, Crop/Hail Adjuster-Resident, Counseler - Non-Resident, Counselor-Resident, Fraternal Agent - Non-Resident, Public Adjuster-Nonresident, Public Adjuster-Resident, Surplus Lines Broker-Resident, Temporary Hardship-Resident, Surplus Lines Broker-Nonresident, Adjuster (Resident), Adjuster (NonResident), Workers Comp Adjuster - Resident, Workers Comp Adjuster - Nonresident, Vehicle Protection Warrantors, Limited Subagent, Resident Limited Health Counselor, Nonresident Limited Health Counselor

State broker license rule

Any individual who will be counseling, advising or rendering opinions as to the benefits promised under an insurance policy as well as receiving fees for these services in Georgia must obtain an insurance counselor license. Insurers are not required to appoint Brokers per NAIC PLMA

Broker license notes

See code section 33-23-1 (6) for the definition of a Counselor for Georgia

Requires pre licensing courses?


Study method requirements

Classroom and online

Submission of completion certificate rule

A certificate of completion will be issued to the commissioner and to the applicant. Must be shown at exam site and included with license application.

How long is the pre licensing certification valid?

All applicants must pass any required exams within 12 months of completing the pre-licensing education.

Exemptions to pre licensing requirements

The following applicants are exempt from the 20-hour pre-licensing requirement: a. an applicant for the lines of property or casualty who holds any of the following designations: I. Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU); II. Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC); III. Certified Insurance Representative (CISR); or IV. Certified Risk Manager (CRM); b. an applicant for the lines of life or health who holds either of the following designations: I. Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU); or II. Fellow Life Management Institute (FLMI); c. an applicant for a temporary license; d. an applicant for a credit insurance license; e. an applicant who provides a transcript indicating successful completion 2 college or university insurance-related courses pertaining to the lines of authority being requested; f. an applicant who holds an insurance college degree; g. a nonresident currently licensed in the resident state, or a new resident who moves to Georgia and submits a license application within 90 days of the cancellation of any previously held license; an any of the following applicants: I. credit insurance agent; II. limited subagent credit insurance; III. limited travel agent; IV. foreign military representative; and V. title agent. An applicant that was previously licensed for the same lines of authority in another state is exempt from the pre-licensing requirement if: a. the applicant is currently licensed in that state; or b. the application is received within 90 days of cancellation of the applicant's previous license and: I. the prior state certifies that the applicant was in good standing at the time of license cancellation; or II. the prior state's producer database records indicate that the applicant was licensed in good standing for the requested line of authority.

Fingerprints Required?

Yes, for Resident Licensing

Fingerprint Submission Details

Gemalto Cogent Systems.

Proof of citizenship required?


Citizenship requirement details

Please visit for instructions on how to submit additional required documents. All applicants will be required to submit these documents to the NIPR Attachment Warehouse before the application can be processed.

Where to apply for resident license?

NIPR Gateway

What Transactions are Retaliatory Fees Applied to?


Submit Partial License Renewals through NIPR?


Has Personal Lines LOA?


Deadline to report personal data changes (address, name change, phone number, etc.)

A licensee must report a change of business address or any change in the licensing information within 30 days. Contact Change Request supported via NIPR Gateway.


Can a sole proprietor be licensed as an entity?


DRLP must have active state license


DRLPs must cumulatively cover all LOAs in application


Agency Licensing renewals

90 days prior to expiration date until birth month. There are no late renewal periods for business entities. If applicant license has an inactive license, applicant can reapply through non resident License (NRL) Application no matter how many days past expiration.

Agency License required?



Requires adjuster license?


Offers designated home state?


DHS exam required?

Yes, if Resident State does not License

Reciprocity states


Which states require an exam for reciprocity?


Independent adjuster LOAS

Casualty, Property, Workers' Compensation

Independent adjuster fees

Licensing Fee: $100 Amendment Fee: $100 Resident / $115 Non resident Renewal Fee: $100 Late Renewal Fee: $115

Independent adjuster exam required?


Independent adjuster renewal date

Every two years on the last day of the individual's birth month for residents. Expires on expiration date for non residents.

Speciality adjuster renewal date

Biennially, on the last day of the individual's birth month for residents. Expires on expiration date for non residents.

Emergency adjuster details

After an emergency is declared, the individual is required to register as a non-licensed salaried staff adjuster with the Department of Insurance. Permits will then be assigned to each adjuster for up to 60 days.

Continuing Education

Total hours per renewal period


Renewal period

2 years

CE due before license renewal date?


License renewal date is

Last day of birth month

License renewal year based on...

Year of first license issuance

When is the CE due?

On the last day of the licensee's birth month, biennially.

How long before expiration does state send CE reminder?

90 days prior to expiration date

Exemptions to CE

Those who hold a PhD in insurance can request a complete exemption from Georgia's CE requirements. Limited lines such as agents with only travel ticket or travel accident class licenses, temporary agents, foreign military representatives, fraternal agents, title, and non resident adjusters where Georgia is the designated home state are exempt from CE. If you're an adjuster with a current Universal Claims Certification designation, you are exempt from CE. If you hold an inactive license, you aren't required to stay current on CE. Residents who have held a license for more than 20 years must only fulfill 20 hours of CE.

What if a producer missed the renewal date?

After your expiration, you still have 15 days to pay your license and renew with a late fee (assuming you have completed your CE). Otherwise, your license will expire. You can still reinstate your license by getting current on your CE and paying your renewal fee plus late fees within a year of expiration.

Ethics requirements

3 hours ethics or consumer protection

Flood-specific CE requirements

3 hours of NFIP course, can count toward ethics

LTC-specific CE requirements

8-hour initial certification, with 4 hours of LTC-specific training each renewal cycle thereafter

Annuity-specific CE requirements

One-time, 4-hour course

Regulatory Updates

Georgia Change Related to Pet Insurance Licensing

Effective August 1st, 2023, Georgia will include Pet Insurance in the types of insurance able to be sold by agents holding Life, Accident and Sickness, Property and Casualty, or Personal Lines.  See attachment for full detail. 

Georgia Suitability in Annuity Transactions Rule

Effective August 1, 2023, George has established a rule related to Suitability in Annuity Transactions. See attachment for full details

Georgia Announces Hearing Affecting Various Licensing Regulations

Georgia hearing on new rules and regulations scheduled for June 28, 2023. See attachment for full details.

Georgia Notice Regarding Proposed Education Process Changes

Georgia sends notice regarding proposed education process changes. See attachment for full details.

Georgia Education Process Modernization Project

Georgia sends notice of its Education Process Modernization Project affecting education providers. See attachment for details.

Georgia Adds New Non-Uniform Questions

Effective January 13th Georgia will be adding new non uniform questions for individuals and some business entities.

Georgia Adds Lates Renewal for Agencies

Effective Jan 1., 2023, Georgia will offer a late renewal with associated fees for both resident and non residents in the following License Classes: Principal Agency, Branch Agency, Rental Company, Retail Vendors of PEI, Self-Storage Provider. The late renewal period will be 15 days. After this period, one must reapply. The fee is $15.

Update to Georgia Adding a New Line of Authority

Effective on 8/12/2022 GA will add the _Agent - Georgia Access_ LOA for R, NR, RLR, and NRLR. A new background question will be added for R and NR applications.

Georgia Implements Tiered Fine Schedule for those Selling without a License

Beginning July 1st, any person or entity that is selling, soliciting, or negotiating insurance without a license will be subject to a new tiered schedule. The schedule goes as followed: 1st policy = $100, 2nd policy = $500, 3rd policy = $1,000, 4th Policy = $1,500, 5th Policy = $2,000, and 6th Policy and up will be $5,000 each.

Georgia Issues a Reminder on Surplus Lines Affidavits and Due Dates

On 1/1/2021 Georgia changed their tax filing and payment process. The date for affidavits and payments is 45 days after the end of the calendar quarter. The date this is due will be based on when the policy premium transaction was received.