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The Problem

For a transaction to meet compliance requirements (and avoid costly regulatory violations) it has to meet the below criteria:

Now with AgentSync

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The Agent Record Sync with NIPR

Simply enter the producer’s NPN (National Producer Number) to import the agent record from the NIPR PDB (Producer Database) in real time at onboarding in bulk via CSV upload.

All active agent records are automatically synchronized with NIPR – AgentSync is updated daily to reflect any and all changes as info changes in NIPR

Automated Agent Contracting

In one click, or as part of an automated workflow, generate producer agreements auto populated with Agent & Agency info, W9, and E&O Policy captured during onboarding

Drastically reduce time to activate Agents, remove internal man-hours from the process, and delight your Agents with a seamless onboarding experience

The Agent Portal

All producers can view their licenses, carrier appointments, update their bio info, answer background questions, upload documents, etc. – Directly from Salesforce or by logging into the AgentSync Portal.

Portals are branded with your company logo, colors, etc. (included in implementation).

Automatically-Generated Compliance Analysis Through Scorecards

As soon as a producer is assigned to a Producer Assignment a Compliance Scorecard is generated identifying any gaps in compliance.

Quickly zero in on what is missing where and for whom. The scorecard provides granularity by State, Missing License, Missing Line of Authority, and Missing Appointment. This level of detail reduces any confusion on what remediation needs to occur.

Scorecards are automatically recalculated as new licenses and appointments are approved in NIPR through the direct integration.

Dashboards & Reports

Your producers’ data now lives in Salesforce enabling you with the advantage of powerful reporting and analytics. NIPR data is normalized and organized into a digestible data model to facilitate reporting - drill into any component for additional details

Easily create and export custom reports by defining filter criteria, drag and drop desired columns, and choose file format – voila!

Dashboards & reports are easily customizable - AgentSync comes preloaded with the basics to get you started. The self-serve report customization user interface is incredibly intuitive (similar to pivot table in excel) but if you need any help the AgentSync support team can help you build or customize a report at no additional cost

Compliance Scorecard Dashboard

Aggregated actionable insight into overall credential status

Scorecards are automatically recalculated as new licenses and appointments are approved in NIPR through the direct integration, so you know your information is always current & up to date

Real-time Compliance Controls

Prevent violations before they occur as a last line of defense

Enforce proper credentials in real time as your producers submit transactions into the system. You choose when and where to check agent credentials based on the customer's location and insurance lines

Optional feature

Apply for and Renew Licenses Directly from Salesforce

Take licensure management one step further by automatically applying for or renewing licenses, and lines of authority based on Compliance Scorecard results. There are three submission processing options: Fully Auto, Semi-Auto, Manual.

Quickly process license transactions as one-off by state, multiple states by producer, or multiple states for multiple producers. Effortlessly producer contact info changes to all states in a click of a button.

As licenses are approved in NIPR they will appear in your system via the direct integration and will trigger recalculation of the Compliance Scorecards - Completing the remediation life cycle.

Producer Details

Think “master paper licensing form” – Collect required details from your producers to be used to populate NIPR transactions. Since AgentSync gets most of the information through the NIPR integration we prepopulate most of the form – producers need to fill out SSN, employment history, background questions, etc.

Manage producer details record

Submit contact info changes to every state where the producer holds an active license in one click by hitting the “Contact Info Change Request” button. This service is 100% free and avoids costly fines issued by the state for untimely notification filings. Information entered into the form is validated page by page for common errors or format issues.

Bulk NIPR Transactions

AgentSync will automatically assess producer’s eligibility based on requested transaction(s) and provide stats on each state’s status complete will estimate fee calculations.

Manage open transactions in one easy place – statuses are automatically updated, you don’t even need to refresh the screen.

Agentsync Accelerate

Submit appointments, terminations, licenses, renewals, and contact info changes directly to NIPR

Bulk process renewals and missing credentials for up to 10 producers at a time

Dramatically accelerate your compliance processes

Bulk import up to 5K producers at a time via drag & drop CSV upload

Data Security & Privacy

Since the AgentSync app integrates directly to NIPR - data is transmitted directly between your CRM <> NIPR.

Once the app is installed AgentSync cannot see your data even if we wanted to. You can choose to give us temporary login access during setup or troubleshooting, but the only data sent to AgentSync is aggregated API usage metrics for billing purposes.

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Want to see more?

Our 20-minute demo recording, done in a live production environment, is a great way to see the platform in action.

Watch Recorded Demo