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New Jersey Made Changes to Continuing Education General Requirements
 Effective June 19, 2023, New Jersey made changes to Continuing Education: General Requirements for Residents - a) Revised the ethics requirement. b) Added conditions under which credit hours may be carried over. c) Revised amount of CE credits earned by CE course instructors.
1\.   All resident producers must complete 24 credit hours of CE during a license term.  At least 3 of the credit hours must be related to professional ethics, 1 credit hour of which may be substituted with a credit hour related to insurance fraud.      a.   A credit hour for a "contact course" is calculated based only on the actual time spent during classroom instruction, and must include at least 50 minutes of instruction.      b.   A producer who earns CE credits for a professional designation may be awarded 12 CE credits for each full year of the license period preceding the renewal term.           I.   Producers should complete an approval form and submit it to the Department.          II.   An official document or transcript from the professional organization is required.      c.   The CE course instructor will receive twice the amount of credits as the students taking the course.      d.   A producer may request CE credit for completing an insurance course from an accredited college or university, or for completing an insurance course in pursuit of an approved professional designation.      e.   Pre-licensing courses may not be used to fulfill CE credits.      f.   Producers may earn credit for completion of any course only one time within a license period. g.   Producers who complete more than 24 credit hours during 1 licensing term may carry over up to 12 credits to the next renewal term.           I.   These credit hours may only be carried over once.          II.   Ethics credit hours may not be carried over.
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