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Dean Cameron

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STATE phone
(208) 334-4339

Department of Insurance

Appointments & Terminations

Required to report appointments?


Permits Just-in-time (JIT) appointments?


Initial appointment deadlines

Within 15 days of contract execution or first business submission

Initial appointment deadline rule

Appointments must be submitted within 15 days of the date the agent/agency contract is executed or the first piece of business is submitted to the carrier

Can be processed via nipr?


Fees for appointing a resident agency or individual?


Fees for appointing a nonresident agency or individual?


Appoint agencies?


Agency appointment covers affiliated producers?


Adjuster appointments via NIPR?


Appointment effective date can be specified?


Appointment effective date rule

Required and is date supplied on transaction. Must be less than 15 days old and not in the future. Date effective is date supplied on transaction and cannot precede licensure.

State requires appointment renewal?


Appointment renewals via

Idaho portal

Appointment renewal fee

No fees

Appointment Terminated if license expires?


Terminations processed via NIPR?


Termination reasons

Cancelled; cancelled for cause

Termination date can be specified by carrier?


Termination Effective date rule

Required and is the date supplied on transaction. Must not be in the future and be less than 15 days old. Must not precede date of licensure for either appointee or appointer

Termination fee

No fee


Initial individual new license fee

Resident New License Insurance Producer: $80 Resident New License Surplus Lines Producer: $80 Non Resident New License Insurance Producer: $80 Non Resident New License Surplus Lines Producer: $80

License renewal fee

Resident Renewal Insurance Producer: $60 Resident Renewal Surplus Lines Producer: $60 Non Resident Renewal Insurance Producer: $60 Non Resident Renewal Surplus Lines Producer: $60

When does the resident individual producer license renewal period begin?

90 days before expiration

What is the resident individual producer license renewal date?

Last day of birth month every 2 years based on year of first state license issue

When does the nonresident individual producer license renewal period begin?

90 days before expiration

What is the nonresident individual producer license renewal date?

Last day of birth month every 2 years based on year of first state license issue

Late renewal or reinstatement period for nonresident individual producer license?

Late renewal allowed up to one year after expiration

Can a producer use a P.O. Box in their resident or business address?


Are individuals required to list their county as part of the address?


What addresses are required for individual license maintenance?

Residence, Business, and Mailing

State individual licenses include

Third Party Administrator, Charitable Gift Annuities, Managed Care Organization, Risk Retention Group, Temporary Resident Producer, Life Settlement Broker, Property and Casualty, Independent Adjuster, Life, Managing General Agency, Purchasing Group, Non-Resident Public Adjuster, Title Agency, Resident Bail Agent, Non-Resident Bail Agent, Resident Public Adjuster, Life Settlement Provider, Motor Service Club, Non Resident Surplus Lines Broker, Resident Surplus Lines Broker, Non Resident Third Party Administrator, Resident Producer, Non Resident Producer, Non Resident Third Party Administrator - Designated Home State Idaho

Appointment Terminated if license expires?


State broker license rule

Included in Producer License Class. Insurers are not required to appoint Brokers per NAIC PLMA

Requires pre licensing courses?


Background Check Required?

Yes – FBI

Fingerprints Required?

Yes, for Resident Licensing

Fingerprint Submission Details

Live Scan through exam vendor or PSI. Applicant must contact PSI 800-733-9267 or to determine the nearest location for the electronic fingerprint processing service, if fingerprints have not already been submitted with exam results.

Citizenship requirement details

Applicants who are not U.S. citizens must provide proof of eligibility to work in the U.S. Please submit legible copies of documents establishing your work eligibility (e.g., Work Visa/Green Card) to the NIPR Attachments Warehouse Additional Documents.

Where to apply for resident license?

NIPR Gateway

What Transactions are Retaliatory Fees Applied to?


Submit Partial License Renewals through NIPR?

No - allows partial renewal of inactive licenses only

Has Personal Lines LOA?


Deadline to report personal data changes (address, name change, phone number, etc.)

Each licensee must notify the Director within 30 days of an address change. Contact Change Request supported via NIPR Gateway.


Can a sole proprietor be licensed as an entity?


DRLP must have active state license


DRLPs must cumulatively cover all LOAs in application


Agency Licensing renewals

90 days prior to expiration date until the last day of the month following the issue month, biennially. Late renewal period ends one year past expiration date.

Agency License required?


Affiliations: Indicates if producers selling on behalf of/through an entity must be formally affiliated with that entity and if the entity must notify the department of changes

No, except travel agency.

Branch office

Main – Only the primary location is licensed. No notification is required.


Requires adjuster license?


Offers designated home state?


DHS exam required?


Reciprocity states


Which states require an exam for reciprocity?


Independent adjuster LOAS

No LOA Required

Independent adjuster fees

Licensing Fee: $80 Reinstatement Fee: $120.00 Renewal: $60

Independent adjuster exam required?


Independent adjuster renewal date

Biennially, on the last day of birth month

Emergency adjuster details

No special license or qualifications are needed for licensed adjusters sent to the state due to emergency/catastrophe.

Continuing Education

Total hours per renewal period


Renewal period

2 years

License renewal date is

Last day of birth month

License renewal year based on...

Year of first license issuance

When is the CE due?

Prior to license expiration.

How long before expiration does state send CE reminder?

90 days prior to expiration date

Exemptions to CE

Producers licensed only for limited lines or surplus lines, including variable insurance line of authority that is limited to credit or GAP insurance, travel, surety, pet, or portable electronics, are exempt from CE. Agency and non resident adjusters are exempt from CE. Other licensees seeking an exemption can be listed on inactive status for reasons such as active military service.

What if a producer missed the renewal date?

Licensee has 30 days past your renewal date to get current and submit your renewal with an additional $100 fine. Past 30 days and up to 60 days, the fee becomes $200, and between 60 and 90 days, your fee is $300. If you’re 90 days past your renewal deadline, you’ll need to get current on CE and must retest for your lines of authority. At the year mark (365 days), you will need to reapply for a completely new license.

Ethics requirements

3 hours ethics or consumer protections

Flood-specific CE requirements

3 hours of NFIP course

LTC-specific CE requirements

8-hour initial certification, with 4 hours of LTC-specific training each renewal cycle thereafter

Annuity-specific CE requirements

One-time, 4-hour course

Regulatory Updates

Idaho Department of Insurance Publishes its September 2023 Newsletter.

See attachment for Idaho Department of Insurance September 2023 newsletter.

Idaho Department of Insurance selects Pearson Vue

Effective September 1, 2023, examination delivery services for the Idaho Department of Insurance’s regulatory licensing program will be administered by Pearson VUE, the global leader in computer-based certification and licensure exam delivery.  See attachment for full details.

Idaho Adding Conditions to Apply for a Temporary Producer License

Effective June 20, 2023, Idaho has added additional conditions allowing residents to apply for a temporary producer license. _Due to electronic fingerprinting being currently unavailable and delays occurring because of physical fingerprint hard card submissions, the Department authorizes resident producer license applicants to request temporary licenses._ _     a.   Requests must be submitted using the "Temporary Resident_ _          Producer License Request Form" available at_ _         []( _     b.   The Department may issue a temporary license to an_ _          applicant pending receipt of the criminal background_ _          check report if all other licensing requirements have_ _          been met._ _     c.   Temporary licenses are valid for a period not to exceed_ _          180 days._

Idaho Will Offer Temporary Producer License

Idaho to allow applicants for resident insurance producer licenses to request a temporary license pending review of their criminal history reports. See attachment for full details.

Idaho June Newsletter

Idaho releases its June newsletter. See attachment.

Idaho Removing Inactive Licenses

Beginning on 1/25/2023, Idaho will be removing roughly 170,000 inactive licenses.

Idaho No Longer Requiring Affiliations; Requiring Appointments

Effective immediately, Idaho will no longer requires affiliations for producers, but will require all individuals and entities to be appointed with their carriers

Idaho to Convert to State Based System

Idaho will be converting to the SBS in September. Beginning on September 8th at 6PM Central the Gateway will shut down until September14th at 9AM Central.

Idaho Updates Direct Placement for Surplus Lines

Surplus Lines premium tax must be paid by check to the Idaho Department of Insurance. The stamping fee must be paid to the Surplus Lines Association of Idaho.

Idaho Introduces New Producer Licensing Supervisor

Idaho welcomes their new Producer Licensing Supervisor, Lori Thomason. Also a thank you and congratulations is in order for Lisa Tordjman on her well deserved retirement.