Florida Seal


state commissioner

David Altmaier

STATE phone
(850) 413-3140

Department of Financial Services Bureau of Licensing

Appointments & Terminations

Required to report appointments?


Permits Just-in-time (JIT) appointments?


Initial appointment deadlines

Within 45 days of appointment effective date

Initial appointment deadline rule

Appointments must be submitted within 45 days of the appointment effective date, which is determined by the carrier and listed on the appointment form

Can be processed via nipr?


Fees for appointing a resident agency or individual?


Fees for appointing a non resident agency or individual?

$60 additional per county and a $6 fee must be paid for every county in which a nonresident agent intends to physically transact insurance. Nonresident Adjusters do not pay a county fee.

Appoint agencies?


Adjuster appointments via NIPR?


Appointment effective date can be specified?


Appointment effective date rule

Required. Date effective is the date supplied on transaction. Effective date must not precede effective date of appointee license. Effective date must not precede effective date of appointer license. Effective date must not be in the future.

State requires appointment renewal?


Appointment renewals via

Florida portal

When is the state renewal period?

Every 24 months during the appointee's birth month

Appointment renewal fee

$25 per appointment

Appointment Terminated if license expires?


Terminations processed via NIPR?


Termination reasons

Voluntary termination; death; request regulatory review

Termination date can be specified by carrier?


Termination Effective date rule

Required and is the date supplied on transaction. Must be 33 days old or less and precede the effective date of the appointment. Must not be in the future

Termination notes

Although Florida licenses are perpetual, operating without an appointment can cause your license to be placed inactive. Additionally, failure to complete CE can cause a license to go inactive, which in turn will cancel appointments

Termination fee

No fee


Initial individual new license fee

Resident New License Insurance Producer: $50 (all lines except Title) Non Resident New License Insurance Producer: $50 (all lines except Title)

What is the resident individual producer license renewal date?

Last day of birth month every 2 years based on year of first state license issue

When does the nonresident individual producer license renewal period begin?


What is the nonresident individual producer license renewal date?

None, perpetual

Can a producer use a P.O. Box in their resident or business address?


Are individuals required to list their county as part of the address?


What addresses are required for individual license maintenance?

Residence, Business, and Mailing

State individual licenses include

Agent, Managing General Agent, Third Party Administrator, Donor Annuity, Home Warranty Association, Life and Health Insurer, Motor Vehicle Service Agreement Company, Property/Casualty Insurer, Rating Organization, Risk Retention Group, Broker, Risk Purchasing Group, Public Adjuster, Adjuster, Service Representative, Manager, Miscellaneous, Designated Home State Adjuster

Appointment Terminated if license expires?


State broker license rule

Included in Producer License Class. Insurers are not required to appoint Brokers per NAIC PLMA

Broker license notes

While the Florida Department of Financial Services Bureau of Licensing said “Florida does not differentiate between brokers and producers,” the state allows agents to have an “unaffiliated” status if they are “self-appointed.” In this capacity, Florida recognizes that self-appointed agents are acting as independent insurance consultants – they can’t have an affiliation or appointment with any other agency or carrier. Further, they are forbidden from receiving any commissions or incentives from the carriers on products they negotiate during the period they are unaffiliated

Requires pre licensing courses?


Study method requirements

Classroom / monitored self study

Submission of completion certificate rule

The provider submits proof of completion. The individual must submit transcript for college credit with application.

How long is the pre licensing certification valid?

Course completion certificate is valid for 4 years

Exemptions to pre licensing requirements

An individual who was or became qualified to sit for the agent's or adjuster's examination while he/she was employed by the Department or Office and who had responsible insurance duties as a full-time employee may take an examination if application for the examination is made within 4 years after employment termination. Individuals holding a limited license for travel, motor vehicle rental, credit, in-transit and storage personal property, or portable electronics are not subject to the pre-licensing education requirements.

Fingerprints Required?

Yes, for both Residents and Non Residents

Fingerprint Submission Details

Florida applicants must be fingerprinted by MorphoTrust USA. To register and pay for fingerprinting, go to www.L1enrollment.com/FLInsurance. Additional information can be found on Florida's website at http://www.myfloridacfo.com/Division/Agents. If you submitted fingerprints to Florida in the last 12 months, you're not required to submit fingerprints. If you currently hold a valid Florida license and submitted fingerprints within the last 48 months, you're not required to submit fingerprints.

Citizenship requirement details

Non-citizens must submit a copy of your work authorization documentation to agentlicensing@myfloridacfo.com

Where to apply for resident license?

NIPR Gateway

Other licensing notes

After license application submission, please setup a MyProfile account at the state of Florida in order to monitor the status of the transaction. MyProfile account can be setup at: https://DICE.fldfs.com

What Transactions are Retaliatory Fees Applied to?


Submit Partial License Renewals through NIPR?

No Renewals

Has Personal Lines LOA?


Deadline to report personal data changes (address, name change, phone number, etc.)

Licensees and navigator registrants must notify the Department in writing within 30 days after a change in name, residence address, principal business street address, mailing address, contact telephone numbers (including business numbers), or e-mail address. Contact Change Request supported via NIPR Gateway or an be completed on FL MyProfile portal.

Penalty for failure to timely report personal data changes

Failure to report a change will result in a maximum fine of $250 for the first offense. A fine of at least $500 will be imposed, or suspension or revocation of the license, for any subsequent offenses.


Can a sole proprietor be licensed as an entity?


DRLP must have active state license


DRLPs must cumulatively cover all LOAs in application


Agency Licensing renewals

License is perpetual as long as agent in charge is licensed.

Agency License required?


Affiliations: Indicates if producers selling on behalf of/through an entity must be formally affiliated with that entity and if the entity must notify the department of changes

Not required, but the agency can only transact business for the lines of authority their agents are licensed and appointed for.

Branch office

License not required but branch must be registered


Requires adjuster license?


Offers designated home state?


DHS exam required?


Reciprocity states


Which states require an exam for reciprocity?


Independent adjuster LOAS


Independent adjuster fees

Initial Licensing & Application Fee: $50 Independent Adjuster Appointment Fee: $60 No Renewal Fee

Independent adjuster exam required?


Independent adjuster renewal date

Perpetual. No renewal is required. The license will expire if no appointment has been held in 48 months.

Apprentice adjuster license LOAS

Public Adjuster Apprentice License

Apprentice adjuster license fees

Licensing Fee: $50 Appointment Fee: $60

Apprentice adjuster license duration

6 Months

Apprentice adjuster license details

6 Months minimum or 100 hours within 12 months to become licensed.

Emergency adjuster details

Emergency licenses will last 180 days past their activation date. The individuals must be an accepted adjuster (independent or business) and pay all applicable fees. As of Aug. 2023, applications can be completed via the Florida portal via MyProfile: https://dice.fldfs.com/public/pb\_index.aspx.

Continuing Education

Total hours per renewal period


Renewal period

2 years

CE due before license renewal date?


License renewal date is

Last day of birth month

License renewal year based on...

Year of first license issuance

When is the CE due?

On the last day of the licensee's birth month, biennially.

Exemptions to CE

Those licensed for 6 years must maintain 20 hours CE, 5 for ethics and 15 elective. Those licensed for 25 years or more, and those who are CLUs or CPCUs, or who have an insurance-specific bachelor of science degree must maintain 10 hours of CE per cycle, with 5 ethics and 5 elective.

What if a producer missed the renewal date?

Although the license is perpetual, Florida may issue a fine and terminate your carrier appointments and refuse to reinstate new appointments until you make up the CE and pay your fine.

CE instructors get credit for teaching courses?


Ethics requirements

5 hours Florida law and ethics

Flood-specific CE requirements

3 hours of NFIP courses

LTC-specific CE requirements

8-hour initial certification, with 4 hours of LTC-specific training each renewal cycle thereafter

Annuity-specific CE requirements

One-time, 4-hour course (in addition to any product-specific training the insurance carrier deems necessary)

Regulatory Updates

Florida Follow Up Message Relate to MyProfile Updates

On September 8, 2023, Florida issued a statement related to recent MyProfile updates.  

Florida Announced Emergency Adjuster Application is Now Available on MyProfile Page

On August 29, 2023, Florida announced that the Emergency Adjuster Application is now available on the MyProfile page.  See attachment for full details.  

Florida New Exam Content Outline

Effective January 1, 2024, Florida and Pearson VUE are releasing new exam content outline.  See attachment for full details.

Florida Has Announced Changes to MyProfile

Effective August 9, 2023 Florida strengthened the MyProfile log-in and account creation process.  See attachment for full details.

Florida Changing Pre-License Education Requirement

Effective July 1, 2023, Florida is changing Pre-License Education Requirement for Residents to reduce the number of coursework hours to be completed in life insurance, annuities, and variable contracts from "40 hours" to "30 hours."

Florida Rule Changes for Residents and Non-Residents

Effective May 25, 2023, Florida made specific changes to their state statutes. See attachment for high level list of changes.

Florida Added Annuity Training Requirement

Effective January 1, 2023, Florida is adding an annuity training requirement for Residents. Specific training requirements apply to agents who transact annuity products.      a.   An agent must have adequate annuity product knowledge and comply with the insurer's standards for product training.  Agents may rely on insurer-provided product-specific training standards and materials to comply with this paragraph.      b.   In addition to the insurer-provided product-specific training, agents must complete a one-time 4-hour training course.           I.   The training course is separate from the CE requirements in FL ST § 626.2815.  The course may be eligible for CE credit if the course provider submits and receives approval from the Department.          II.   Agents who hold a life line of authority and who sell annuities must complete the course: (1)   by 7/1/2024, if already licensed on 1/1/2024;                      or  (2)   prior to selling annuities, if the producer was licensed after 1/1/2024. III.   The training must cover: (1)   the types of annuities and various classifications; (2)   identification of the parties to an annuity; (3)   how product-specific annuity contract features affect consumers; (4)   the application of income taxation of qualified and non-qualified annuities; (5)   the primary uses of annuities; and (6)   appropriate standard of conduct, sales practices, replacement, and disclosure requirements. IV.   Additional topics may be offered in conjunction with the required topics. V.   The training course may not cover: (1)   marketing information; (2)   sales techniques; or (3)   specific information about a particular insurer's products. VI.   An agent who has completed an annuity training course before 1/1/2024, must, by 7/1/2024, complete either: (1)   a new 4-hour training course; or (2)   an additional 1-hour training course on appropriate sales practices, replacement, and disclosure requirements. VII.   Training may be completed by classroom or self-study methods. VIII.   Satisfaction of substantially similar requirements in another state will satisfy FL ST § 627.4554(6). IX.   Satisfaction of the training requirement components of a course with components substantially similar to FL ST § 627.4554(6) provisions will satisfy this statute's training requirements. X.   An insurer must verify that an agent has completed training before allowing the agent to sell annuity products.

Florida Updates its Emergency Adjuster Ruling

Effective May 21, 2023, Florida updates its emergency adjuster ruling. See attached.

Florida Will Add Customer Service Representative License Class

Effective immediately, Florida offers the Customer Service Rep License Class.

Florida Issues State of Emergency for Hurricane Nicole

On 11/14/2022 the Governor of Florida issued a state of emergency for the entire state of Florida. Therefore, no insurer can cancel a personal or commercial residential property insurance policy covering damaged property from both Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Nicole for up to 90 days.

Florida to Display Emergency Adjuster License Class on PDB

Effective 10/19/22, Florida will display the Emergency Adjuster license class on the PDB.

Florida extending Continuing Education Dates Due to Hurricane

Several Continuing Education Compliance dates will be extended about 3 months due to the impact of Hurricane Ian.

Florida Emergency Adjuster License Update

Florida has activated their application for companies and adjusting firms to apply for emergency adjuster licenses due to Hurricane Ian. Direction to apply are included in the attachement.

Florida Updates Forgot Password Process

Previously the Forgot Password process had been turned off for maintenance. The process will now include an email to the email address on record with a verification code to be entered in the MyProfile section.

FL To Add New Firm License Classes for PDB Display

Florida is now including Resident Insurance Adjuster Firm and Non Resident Insurance Adjuster Firm business entity license classes to be displayed on the PDB.

Florida Changes Fingerprint Requirements

Florida announces that a fingerprint fee is no longer required and the fingerprints must be processed in compliance with FL ST § 624.34. This will then be used to investigate if the applicant is qualified.

Florida Adjusts where Adjusting Firm Licenses can be Verified

In November 2021, Florida began adjusting firms. These licenses are yet to be displayed in the PDB.

Florida has Changed Payment Vendors for the Online Applications and eAppoint Systems

Florida has changed payment vendors for the online application and eAppoint systems. This will result in some payment screens changing in appearance and the option to enter an email to receive payment confirmation.

Surplus Lines Alert For Several Jurisdictions

Several states have released key information on Surplus Lines and can be found in the attached document.