Insurance 101

Securities Regulations 101: What is FINRA?

If a broker violates regulatory requirements, FINRA can bring disciplinary actions…

09 Jun, 2023

What NAIC Uniform Licensing Standards Mean for Insurance Producers

The Uniform Licensing Standards include guidelines on a variety of categories…

31 May, 2023

Insurance 101: A History of the FDIC and Banking Insurance

Banking insurance isn't the type of insurance we normally write about…

24 May, 2023

Insurance 101: The Complicated World of Producer Licensing for Selling Annuities

The complicated world of annuities means license requirements aren’t as straightforward…

22 May, 2023

Insurance 101: All About State Insurance Commissioners 

Discover who state insurance commissioners are, what they do, and how…

03 May, 2023

Maintaining Compliance for Surplus Lines Insurance

Surplus lines requirements differ from the regulations of admitted insurance, but…

28 Apr, 2023

The Unfair Trade Practices Act

When insurers lie, deceive, or otherwise misrepresent their products or services,…

17 Apr, 2023

Mergers and Acquisitions in Insurance

Mergers and acquisitions happen frequently within the insurance industry, encompassing insurance…

14 Apr, 2023

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