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Maine Revising Pet Insurance Producer Requirements
Effective October 19, 2023, Maine has revised Pet Insurance Producer requirements for Residents and Non Residents.
Producers who sell, solicit, or negotiate pet insurance products are subject to the requirements below. a.   A producer must be appropriately licensed and complete training covering the following topics:           I.   preexisting conditions and waiting periods;          II.   the differences between pet insurance and                noninsurance wellness programs;         III.   hereditary disorders, congenital anomalies or                disorders and chronic conditions and how pet                insurance policies interact with those conditions or                disorders; and          IV.   rating, underwriting, renewal, and other related                administrative topics. b.   An insurer must ensure that any producer holding an appointment has been appropriately trained on the features of any pet insurance product offered by the producer. c.   A person licensed in any of the following lines of authority may sell, solicit, and negotiate pet insurance:           I.   property;          II.   accident and health or sickness; or         III.   personal lines.
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