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state commissioner

Glen Mulready

STATE email


STATE phone
(405) 521-2828

Oklahoma Insurance Department

Appointments & Terminations

Required to report appointments?


Permits Just-in-time (JIT) appointments?


Initial appointment deadlines

Within 15 days of contract execution or first business submission

Initial appointment deadline rule

JIT appointments permitted. Appointments must be submitted within 15 days of the date the agent/agency contract is executed or the first piece of business is submitted to the carrier

Can be processed via nipr?


Fees for appointing a resident agency or individual?


Fees for appointing a nonresident agency or individual?


Appoint agencies?


Adjuster appointments via NIPR?


Appointment effective date can be specified?


Appointment effective date rule

Effective date is required. Must not be in the future. Requested effective date may be backdated up to 15 days from the current date. Effective date must not precede effective date of appointee or the appointer license.

State requires appointment renewal?


Appointment renewals via

Via NIPR Portal

When is the state renewal period?

Nov. 24, 2023 until Jan. 2, 2024

Appointment renewal fee


Terminations processed via NIPR?


Termination reasons

Voluntary termination; cancelled for cause

Termination date can be specified by carrier?


Termination Effective date rule

Date the transaction is processed

Termination fee

No fee

Allows carriers to terminate the appointment if license has expired?



Initial individual new license fee

Resident New License Insurance Producer: $60 (All LOAs excluding Variable) Resident New License Limited Lines: $40 Resident New License Surplus Lines Broker: $100 Non Resident New License Insurance Producer: $100 (All LOAs excluding Variable) Non Resident New License Limited Lines: $100 Non Resident New License Surplus Lines Broker: $100

License renewal fee

Resident Renewal Insurance Producer: $60 Resident Renewal Limited Lines: $40 Resident Renewal Surplus Lines Broker: $100 Non Resident Renewal Insurance Producer: $100 Non Resident Renewal Limited Lines: $100 Non Resident Renewal Surplus Lines Broker: $100

When does the resident individual producer license renewal period begin?

90 days before expiration

What is the resident individual producer license renewal date?

Last day of birth month every 2 years based on year of first state license issue

When does the nonresident individual producer license renewal period begin?

90 days before expiration

What is the nonresident individual producer license renewal date?

Last day of birth month every 2 years based on year of first state license issue

Can a producer use a P.O. Box in their resident or business address?


Are individuals required to list their county as part of the address?


What addresses are required for individual license maintenance?

Residence, Business, and Mailing

State individual licenses include

Third Party Administrator, Risk Retention Group, Viatical Settlement Broker, Life Settlement Broker, Customer Service Representative, Surplus Lines Broker, Bail Bondsman, Property and Casualty, Surplus Lines, Life, Public Adjuster, Title, Consultant. Emergency Adjuster, Insurance Producer, Managing General Agent, Insurance Broker, Motor Service Club, Reinsurance Intermediary Broker, Reinsurance Intermediary Manager, Adjuster, Apprentice Adjuster, Portable Electronics, Temporary Producer, Limited Lines Producer

State recognizes a licensing exemption for nonresident commercial lines producers with multistate contracts?


State broker license rule

Included in Producer License Class. Insurers are not required to appoint Brokers per NAIC PLMA

Requires pre licensing courses?


Prelicense education requirement

Fingerprints Required?

Not Required

Where to apply for resident license?

NIPR Gateway

What Transactions are Retaliatory Fees Applied to?


Submit Partial License Renewals through NIPR?


Has Personal Lines LOA?


Deadline to report personal data changes (address, name change, phone number, etc.)

A licensee must notify the Commissioner of a change of address, email address, or legal name within 30 days. Contact Change Request supported via NIPR Gateway.

Penalty for failure to timely report personal data changes

There is a $50 administrative fee for submitting a change in legal name or address more than 30 days after the change. Failure to provide acceptable notification of a legal name or address change within 45 days of the date the administrative fee is assessed will result in penalties under OK ST T. 36 § 1435.13.


Can a sole proprietor be licensed as an entity?


DRLP must have active state license


DRLPs must cumulatively cover all LOAs in application


Agency Licensing renewals

90 days prior to expiration date until expiration date.

Agency License required?


Affiliations: Indicates if producers selling on behalf of/through an entity must be formally affiliated with that entity and if the entity must notify the department of changes


Branch office

License not required but branch must be registered

Deadline to report key business entity changes (address, dba, phone, email, etc.)

A licensee must notify the Commissioner of a change of address, email address, or legal name within 30 days. Contact Change Request supported via NIPR Gateway.


Requires adjuster license?


Offers designated home state?


DHS exam required?


Reciprocity states


Which states require an exam for reciprocity?


Independent adjuster LOAS

Property, Casualty, Crime & Fidelity Bonds, Crop / Hail, Workers' Compensation, Multi-Peril Crop

Independent adjuster fees

Adjuster Licensing Fee (One LOA): $30 Adjuster Renewal Fee (One LOA): $30 Adjuster Licensing Fee (Two or More LOAs): $50 Adjuster Renewal Fee (Two or More LOAs): $50 Adjuster Reinstatement Fee (One LOA): $60 Adjuster Reinstatement Fee (Two or More LOAs): $100

Independent adjuster exam required?


Public Adjuster Renewal Period

Biennially, on the last day of an individuals birthday. For business entities, refer to the expiration date on the license as the date a renewal is due.

Independent adjuster details

DRLP is required for business entities applying for an adjuster license.

Apprentice adjuster license LOAS

Property, Casualty, PC Personal Lines

Apprentice adjuster license fees


Apprentice adjuster license duration

6 Months

Apprentice adjuster license details

The license is revoked if the period exceeds 180 days, or if the exam is failed twice. The adjuster that the apprentice works with must have the same lines of authority as the apprentice.

Emergency adjuster details

Emergency adjuster fee is $15. Valid for 90 days past the declaration of an emergency. An application must be filled out which requires sponsorship of someone licensed within OK.

Public Adjuster LOAs

Public Adjuster

Public adjuster fees

Licensing Fee: $30 Reinstatement Fee: $60 Renewal Fee: $30

Public adjuster exam required?


Address change request through NIPR?


Continuing Education

Total hours per renewal period


Renewal period

2 years

License renewal date is

Last day of birth month

License renewal year based on...

Year of first license issuance

When is the CE due?

Prior to license expiration. Credits must show up at least 3 days before license renewal.

How long before expiration does state send CE reminder?

90 days prior to expiration date

Exemptions to CE

What if a producer missed the renewal date?

You have one year to reactivate by submitting a new initial application online. A double license fee will be assessed in order to reactivate a license with a lapse. The license number and original expiration date will remain the same. An exam is not required. One must be CE compliant at least 48 hours prior to submitting an application to reactivate their license.

CE instructors get credit for teaching courses?


Can rollover excess hours?


Amount of rollover credits allowed


Ethics requirements

3 hours ethics, 2 hours Oklahoma legislative updates

Flood-specific CE requirements

3 hours of NFIP course

LTC-specific CE requirements

8-hour initial certification, with 4 hours of LTC-specific training every two years

Annuity-specific CE requirements

One-time, 4-hour course

Additional line of business requirements

Title Producers are required to complete 16 hours of continuing education. Customer Service Representative (CSR) is required to complete 13 hours of continuing education.

Regulatory Updates

Oklahoma Declares Emergency and Will Issue Emergency Adjuster Licenses

Effective May 10, 2024, Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner Glen Mulready ordered and declared an emergency pursuant to Section 6218 of the Oklahoma Insurance Code due to the severe outbreak of storms on or about April 25, 2024, through May 6, 2024.  The declaration of emergency allows the Commissioner to issue a license as an emergency adjuster to any resident or nonresident applicant. It requires an Oklahoma-licensed resident adjuster to sponsor the applicant. An individual licensed as an emergency adjuster may only adjust claims related to the catastrophe and is valid for 90 days from the date the Commissioner issues the declaration. See attachment for full details.

Oklahoma Changes to Surplus Lines Requirements

Effective November 1, 2024, Oklahoma is making changes to Surplus Lines due diligence and premium tax reporting requirements.

Oklahoma Implements a New Transaction Type to Process Primary Name Updates

Effective May 3, 2024, Oklahoma will begin offering a new transaction type to process individual and business entity primary name updates.

Oklahoma Insurance Department adds Exam Study and Manuals Page Link to Licensing Requirements

On December 5, 2023, Oklahoma added the following link to the Examination section of the licensing requirements for both Residents and Non Residents.  

Oklahoma Announces Enhanced Continuing Education Services for Insurance Professionals

On September 28, 2023, the Oklahoma Insurance Department announced a change to their CE reporting services via State Based Systems (SBS) improvements. Please see attachment for more information.

Oklahoma Has Set 2023 Company Appointment Renewal Dates

Update: Effective, November 29, 2023, Oklahoma 2023 Appointment Renewals are now live in Production. - Only appointments with active licenses on PDB will be renewed. - Termination notices for appointments must be received by NIPR no later than November 16, 2023, to allow sufficient time for processing and posting to Producer Database (PDB) before the renewal invoices are created. - On November 24, 2023, the NIPR website will display the invoice and a list of appointments due for renewal. - Appointment renewal fees will be due by 4 P.M. Central Time January 02, 2024. - All appointments will be terminated if the invoice is not paid by January 02, 2024. - Appointments will not be renewed if the payment is less than the invoice total. - Appointment renewal and NIPR processing fees are non-refundable. Please contact support@nipr.com on a dispute regarding a specific appointment with documentation to verify a previously terminated appointment BEFORE paying invoice.

Oklahoma Adopts SLIP Platform for Reporting and Payment of Surplus Lines Taxes

Effective January 1, 2024, Oklahoma will be adopting Surplus Lines Information Portal (SLIP) for reporting and payment of surplus lines taxes.  See attachment for full details.

Oklahoma Issues Bulletin Regarding Legislative Changes Related to Third Party Administrators

On August 15, 2023, Oklahoma issued a bulletin providing details regarding the legislative changes made related to Third Party Administrators.  SB 553 will be effective November 1, 2023.  See attachment for full details.

Oklahoma Has Adopted the Annuity Suitability and Best Interest Standard Model Act

Effective September 1, 2023, Oklahoma has adopted the Annuity Suitability and Best Interest Standard Model Act.  See attachment for full details.

Oklahoma Changes Related to Earthquake CE Requirement

Effective September 1, 2023, Oklahoma will remove the one-hour earthquake continuing education requirement for licensees holding a property line of authority.  See attachment for full details.

Oklahoma Passed Annuity Suitability Training Regulation

Oklahoma has passed the annuity suitability training regulation. See attachment for full details.

Oklahoma Amended Emergency Adjuster Declaration

Effective June 20, 2023, Oklahoma declared an emergency. See the attachment for details related to Emergency Adjusters.

Oklahoma License Revocation and Surrender

For Non-Residents OK ST T. 36 s 1435.13 (Effective 11/1/2023) - Per 2023 OK S.B. 539(NS) - 1) LICENSE REVOCATION AND SURRENDER: PENALTIES - Replaced minimum penalty amount with information stating that the penalty may not be more than $1,000 for each violation. 2) LICENSE REVOCATION AND SURRENDER: HEARING AND NOTICE - a) Revised notification requirements. b) Deleted information discussing the 90-day notification requirement for terminating a license that has been inactive for 12 months. OK ST T. 36 s 1450 (Effective 11/1/2023) - Per 2023 OK S.B. 553(NS) - 1) THIRD PARTY ADMINISTRATORS: GENERAL REQUIREMENTS - a) Added that the application form and fee must be submitted electronically. b) Deleted requirement that the applicant provide a comprehensive review of the background report by an independent third-party NAIC-approved vendor. c) Deleted requirement for entity to submit independent third-party background reports. d) Added change of information notification requirements. e) Added deadline for responding to Commissioner inquiries. 2) THIRD PARTY ADMINISTRATORS: LICENSE RENEWAL - a) Added that the renewal application form and fee must be submitted electronically. b) Added requirements for license reinstatement. OK ST T. 36 s 6206 (Effective 11/1/2023) - Per 2023 OK S.B. 539(NS) - ADJUSTER LICENSE: GENERAL REQUIREMENTS - Added requirements for using an assumed name. OK ST T. 36 s 6220 (Effective 11/1/2023) - Per 2023 OK S.B. 539(NS) - LICENSE REVOCATION AND SURRENDER: CAUSES FOR REVOCATION - a) Removed the notice and hearing information. b) Revised the actions that may be taken. OK News Release 4-9-2018 (Dated 4/9/2018) - INDIVIDUAL NONRESIDENT LICENSE REQUIREMENTS: EXAMINATION - Deleted outdated examination administrator informatio

Exam Vendor Change for Oklahoma

Effective February 15 2023, PSI will be Oklahoma's new exam vendor.

Oklahoma Gets a New Exam Administrator

Effective February 16, 2023, PSI will be the new exam administrator for Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Issues 2022 Company Appointment Renewal Dates

The invoice renewal period for Oklahoma is Nov. 24, 2022 - Jan 2, 2023 4PM CST. The termination deadline was Nov 16, 2022

Oklahoma Sets 2022 Appointment Renewal Dates

The 2022 Oklahoma appointment renewal dates are 11/24/2022 - 12/31/2022. Appointments must be terminated by 11/16/2022 if they are not to be renewed

Oklahoma to Populate Original Appointment Date

Beginning on 10/14/2022 Oklahoma will populate the Original Appointment Date. Previously they were populating the appointment effective date in the PDB.

Oklahoma Insurance Consultant and Customer Service Representative Conversions

Effective 11/1/2022 Oklahoma will require licensed Insurance Consultants and licensed Customer Service Representatives to hold an Insurance Producer license. SBS will complete this conversion automatically for anyone license as a consultant or CSR on the effective date.

Oklahoma Adds Language to Consultant License Requirements

Language has been added to the consultant license in OK. The language states that a producer license is required of any individual or organization consultant. Note that, in OK, the term consultant is used to include brokers as well. Therefore, both brokers and consultants must be licensed as an insurance producer.

Oklahoma Makes Changes to Surplus Lines

Adjustments were made to the surplus lines requirements.

Surplus Lines Alert For Several Jurisdictions

Several states have released key information on Surplus Lines and can be found in the attached document.