2023 Carrier Appointment Renewal Cycle Begins

If the insurance carrier forgets to notify the state of an…

28 Nov, 2022

Insurance 101: What Is a Registry State?

There’s a definitive list of Registry states: Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois,…

09 Nov, 2022

Regulatory Roundup: New states adopt NAIC Annuity Suitability Model

Per the news release, captives are on the rise for mutually…

09 Mar, 2022

Regulatory Roundup: Nonadmitted Insurance

Louisiana Commissioner of Insurance James Donelon revoked the license of, issued…

04 Feb, 2022

Managing Broker Relationships for Carriers and MGAs/MGUs

In most states, brokers are generally understood to be licensed producers…

17 Nov, 2021

Insurance Carrier Appointments By State

With each state holding its own standard, and some of them…

23 Sep, 2021

Alaska: Insurance Continuing Education

In Alaska, continuing education (CE) isn’t just about staying on top…

08 Sep, 2021

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