Unsung Heroes of AgentSync: Dave Jaras

by niki

At AgentSync, we love celebrating big wins. Oftentimes the spotlight shines on the salesperson who closed a massive deal or the support rep who went above and beyond to make a customer’s day – and rightfully so.

But we rarely hear about the finance and operations folks that keep the lights on and the trains running on time. The unsung heroes that quietly crank on the critical yet thankless initiatives that make a business possible.

I want to acknowledge one of those heroes: Dave Jaras, AgentSync’s head of finance.

We recently closed our Series A – a goat rodeo of paperwork, disclosure schedules, and financial models. An unbelievable amount of work is hidden below the surface and in the shadows.

It takes a special type of person to choose a career in operations. But choosing to build a career running the finance function at early-stage companies – now that takes it to another level. The pace is brutal, the scope of the role is oftentimes ambiguous, everything is a moving target, oh, and that urgent document? It was due yesterday.

There is no glory, recognition, or visibility. It’s operational excellence or bust. You need to manage an insane amount of complexity, and the stakes don’t get much higher. In any given month, you are responsible for thousands of calculations and the only one that matters is the one you get wrong. Getting shit done is the true north and there is zero room for error.

Dave, I’m sure at times you felt like the only sane person in the room, seamlessly shifting gears from building a complex financial model to assembling a standing desk for the new office. Thank you for being the steady guiding force that you are. AgentSync wouldn’t be where it is today without you.

Behind every great business, there is at least one Dave quietly being excellent in the background. Remember to say thanks to them, today and every day.