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STATE phone
(785) 296-7862

Kansas Insurance Department Attn: Producers Division

Appointments & Terminations

Required to report appointments?


Permits Just-in-time (JIT) appointments?


Initial appointment deadlines

Within 30 days of appointment effective date

Initial appointment deadline rule

Appointments must be submitted within 30 days of the appointment effective date, which is determined by the carrier and listed on the appointment form

Can be processed via nipr?


Fees for appointing a resident agency or individual?


Fees for appointing a non resident agency or individual?


Appoint agencies?


Adjuster appointments via NIPR?


Appointment effective date can be specified?


Appointment effective date rule

Effective date is required and must not be in the future and must be less than 30 days old. Date effective is date supplied on transaction.

State requires appointment renewal?


Appointment renewals via

Via NIPR Portal

When is the state renewal period?


Appointment renewal fee

No fees

Appointment Terminated if license expires?


Terminations processed via NIPR?


Termination reasons

Voluntary termination; inadequate production; cancelled by general agent; death; company defunct or liquidation; company indebtedness; poor policyholder services; agent moved; appointed in error; request regulatory review

Termination date can be specified by carrier?


Termination Effective date rule

Required and is the date supplied on transaction. Must not be in the future

Termination notes

Agent has 90 days to renew/reinstate an expired license or will lose appointments. Additionally, an appointment is required to maintain producer licensure. License will go inactive if no appointment or affiliation, but it will automatically be reactivated once an affiliation or appointment is made (provided it has not actually expired)

Termination fee

No fee


Initial individual new license fee

Resident New License Insurance Producer: $90 Resident New License Excess Lines: $50 (No LOA required) Non Resident New License Agent: $80 Non Resident New License Excess Lines: $50

License renewal fee

Resident Renewal Excess Lines: $50 Non Resident Renewal Agent: $50 Non Resident Renewal Excess Lines: $50

When does the resident individual producer license renewal period begin?

90 days before expiration

What is the resident individual producer license renewal date?

Last day of birth month every 2 years based on year of birth

Late renewal or reinstatement period for resident individual producer license?

Late renewal allowed up to one year after expiration

When does the nonresident individual producer license renewal period begin?

90 days before expiration

What is the nonresident individual producer license renewal date?

Last day of birth month every 2 years based on year of birth

Late renewal or reinstatement period for nonresident individual producer license?

Late renewal allowed up to one year after expiration

Can a producer use a P.O. Box in their resident or business address?


Are individuals required to list their county as part of the address?


What addresses are required for individual license maintenance?

Residence, Business, and Mailing

State individual licenses include

Third Party Administrator, Automobile Liability, General Liability, Fidelity Surety & Forgery Bonds, Glass, Burglary, Theft & Robbery, Boiler & Machinery, Malpractice Liability, Livestock Mortality, Aircraft Liability, Cargo Liability, Windstorm & Hail, Extended Coverage, Additional Perils On Growing, Hail On Growing Crops, Optional Perils, Sprinkler Leakage, Business Interruption, Earthquake, Water Damage, Aircraft Hull, Ocean Marine, Inland Marine, Rain, Automobile Physical Damage, Flood, Homeowners Policies, Risk Retention Group/Excess Lines- For Licensing Purposes, Personal Lines-For Licensing Purposes, Self-Service Storage - For Licensing Purposes, Public Adjuster, Bail Bonds, Motor Club Agent, Surplus Lines, Life, Insurance Producer, Workers Compensation, Viatical Producer, Travel, Fire, Credit, Accident & Health, Viatical Broker

Appointment Terminated if license expires?


State broker license rule

Included in Producer License Class. Insurers are not required to appoint Brokers per NAIC PLMA

Broker license notes

K.S.A. 40-4902(k) defines an “insurance agent” as “any person required to be licensed under the provisions of chapter 40 of the Kansas Statutes Annotated, and amendments thereto, to sell, solicit or negotiate insurance. For the purposes of the uniform agents licensing act, whenever the terms “agent” or “broker” appear in chapter 40 of the Kansas Statutes Annotated, and amendments thereto, each term means insurance agent unless the context requires otherwise…” As a result, Kansas requires any agency or individual that is selling, soliciting, or negotiating in the business of insurance to obtain an insurance producer’s license. An insurance producer license in Kansas allows a licensee to sell, solicit, and negotiate insurance business for the carrier, the insured or other parties in which it has proper authority

Requires pre licensing courses?


Fingerprints Required?

Yes, for Resident Licensing

Fingerprint Submission Details

Required with Application - Fingerprints will be taken by local law enforcement and mailed to KS Department of insurance where the fingerprint cards can be obtained.

Citizenship requirement details

Applicants who are not U.S. citizens must provide proof of eligibility to work in the U.S. Please submit legible copies of documents establishing your work eligibility (e.g., Work Visa/Green Card) to the NIPR Attachments Warehouse Additional Documents.

State-specific license requirements

Tax clearance

Where to apply for resident license?

NIPR Gateway

What Transactions are Retaliatory Fees Applied to?


What Determines the Retaliatory Fee?

Resident State Fees

Submit Partial License Renewals through NIPR?


Has Personal Lines LOA?


Deadline to report personal data changes (address, name change, phone number, etc.)

A licensee must report a name and/or address change in writing to the Department within 30 days. Contact Change Request supported via NIPR Gateway.


Can a sole proprietor be licensed as an entity?


DRLP must have active state license


DRLPs must cumulatively cover all LOAs in application


Agency Licensing renewals

90 days prior to expiration until the expiration date. Late renewal ends 90 days after the expiration date.

Agency License required?


Affiliations: Indicates if producers selling on behalf of/through an entity must be formally affiliated with that entity and if the entity must notify the department of changes


Branch office

If the branch is operating under the same name as the licensed Business Entity, then the branch may be added to the existing license.


Requires adjuster license?

Only Public Adjusters

Offers designated home state?


DHS exam required?


Reciprocity states


Independent adjuster renewal date

Biennially on the last day of the adjuster's birth month in an even- or odd-numbered year depending on your year of birth. First time renewals won't be earlier than two years from your date of initial license.

Continuing Education

Total hours per renewal period


Renewal period

2 years

License renewal date is

Last day of birth month

License renewal year based on...

Year of birth

When is the CE due?

Prior to license expiration.

How long before expiration does state send CE reminder?

90 days prior to expiration date

Exemptions to CE

If you haven't been licenses for a full two years by your first date of renewal, you will have an additional two years to complete licensure. Those only licensed to sell crop insurance are required to do 2 hours of CE. Those only licensed to sell title insurance are required to do 4 hours of CE.

What if a producer missed the renewal date?

Within 12 months of your license expiration, you can complete your CE, pay a $100 reinstatement fee, and pay a renewal fee to reinstate your license. If it has been more than a year but less than four years, you must be fingerprinted again, pay the $100 reinstatement fee, complete CE, and pay a $90 application fee. After four years, you will be considered to be applying as though you are a new producer and will have to retake any licensing exams.

Ethics requirements


LTC-specific CE requirements

4-hour initial certification, with 1 hour CE each renewal period

Annuity-specific CE requirements

One-time, 4-hour course

Regulatory Updates

Kansas Updated Existing Annuity Suitability and Best Interest Standard

Kansas has adopted updates to the annuity suitability standard, also known as the best interest standard. KAR 40-1-53 mirrors the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulation #275, which was adopted in 2020. This regulation requires insurance producers to act in the best interest of their clients when engaging in the sales of annuity products. This regulation builds off of KAR 40-2-14a, which is the current annuity suitability standard in Kansas. On January 1, 2024, KAR 40-1-53** **will become effective and will be the new standard for producers. Information on producer licensing can be found on the state's Producer Licensing Application and Requirements page.

Kansas Limited Lines Travel Insurance Producer Licensing Requirement

For Residents and Non-Residents 2023 KS S.B. 85(NS) (Effective 1/1/2024) - 1) WHO MUST BE LICENSED - Added limited lines travel insurance producer licensing requirement. 2) LIMITED LINES: TRAVEL AGENT - a) Added the "limited lines travel insurance producer," "travel administrator," and "travel insurance" definitions. b) Added limited lines travel insurance producer licensing requirements. c) Added travel administrator licensing requirements. KS ST 40-4906 (Effective 7/1/2023) - Per 2023 KS H.B. 2090(NS) - 1) FEE SUMMARY - Specified that the producer application fee is "not to exceed" $30 and the biennial license fee is "not to exceed" $50. 2) INDIVIDUAL NONRESIDENT LICENSE REQUIREMENTS: APPLICATION - a) Specified that the producer application fee is "not to exceed" $30. b) Added producer application fee publication requirements. 3) LICENSE CONTINUATION: LICENSE TERM AND CONTINUATION - Specified that the renewal fee is not to exceed $50.

Kansas to Update Company License Types and add Third Party Administrator

Effective June 12, 2023, Kansas will add the license class of Third Party Administrator as well as modify company licensing data.

Kansas Reducing Tax Year 2024 Surplus Lines Premium Tax

Kansas surplus lines premium tax will be reduced from 6.0% to 3.0% effective tax year 2024. See attachment for full details.

Kansas Will Require Responsible Person For Non-Uniform Question

Effective February 10, 2023, Kansas will require business entity applicants for Pharmacy Benefit Manager (NRL and NRR) to provide a Responsible Person in response to the state specific NUQ. This change was announced effective 10/01/2022 in a notification on 08/25/2022 but was not fully enforced.

Kansas to Potentially Lower Surplus Tax Rate

Kansas has proposed legislation which will lower the surplus tax rate from 6% to 3%

Kansas Appointment Renewals Are Live

After a temporary delay, the Kansas appointment renewal window is now live

Kansas Sets 2022 Appointment Renewal Dates

The Kansas Appointment Renewal Dates will be January 2, 2023 – March 1, 2023. All appointments submitted after 12/31/2022 will be included in the 2024 renewal cycle.

Kansas Updates Resident License and No Home State Fingerprint Fee

On Nov. 18th, 2022, Kansas will decrease their fingerprint fee from $60 to $50 for Insurance Producers.

Kansas to Populate Original Appointment Date

Beginning on 10/14/2022 Kansas will populate the Original Appointment Date. Previously they were populating the appointment effective date in the PDB.

Kansas Adding License Class for Pharmacy Benefit Manager

Beginning on 10/1/2022 Kansas will offer a Pharmacy Benefit Manager License Class for R, NR, RLR, NRLR, No Home State Licensing, and No Home State Renewals

KS Publishes Approved Non-Admitted Carrier List

Kansas has published their list of approved non-admitted carriers list. - Southlake Specialty Insurance Corporation was added to the list

Kansas Upcoming DRLP Changes

Effective May 27, 2022, a DRLP must be entered for Resident License applications for a business entity. This does not apply for Car Rental, Credit, and Portable Electronics and the field should be left blank on the application.

Update – Kansas No Home State Implementation Effective 5/27/22

The no home state implementation (originally announced on 4/20/22) will be delayed from May 15th to May 27th.

Kansas to Implement No Home State for Licensing and Renewals

Kanas is offering No Home State licensing and renewals to Producers (Individual and Business) and Portable Electronics (Business) license classes.

Kansas Changes Business Entity License Number to NPN

On April 15, 2022, Kansas will update about 19,000 business entity licenses. The licenses impacted have a first active date prior to January 1, 2022. The change will update their existing license number to match their National Producer Number.

Kansas Adding Missing Appointment Records

NIPR is reporting that 150,000 Appointment records (active and terminated) were missing from the Producer Database as a result of a migration issue. This will be corrected tonight.

NIPR flags PDB Alert for Kansas NR License

For those holding a Kansas NR license, you may be seeing the 'crop' LOA incorrectly added to your license. This is an error that NIPR is working to correct. It is estimated this LOA will need to be removed from 48,000 licenses. Note this was not processed as planned and was changed to be effective 1/15/2022.

Surplus Lines Alert For Several Jurisdictions

Several states have released key information on Surplus Lines and can be found in the attached document.

Alert Noting Missing LOAs on Inactive Kansas Licenses

On January 10th PDB alerts will appear as a result of the Kansas conversion to state based systems. From the conversion, 400,000 lines did not migrate properly on inactive licenses. The impact of this is the PDB will not load these appointments. This announcement notes that the appointments were not deleted and this error is working on being corrected.


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