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HUB Taps AgentSync to Streamline Operations and Increase Visibility into Compliance Program

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When HUB sought a customized broker management and compliance solution, the nation’s fifth-largest brokerage chose AgentSync. Together, they have created cross-functional operational efficiencies and accessed unparalleled organizational insights.

AgentSync Clients | HUB International

We’re proud to announce HUB International, a leading full-service global insurance broker, as the latest insurer to roll out AgentSync Manage. HUB uses the platform to streamline onboarding, licensing, and compliance for thousands of brokers and takes advantage of AgentSync’s next-level visibility via customized dashboards and reporting.

After kicking off a pilot in 2019, the circumstances of 2020 confirmed HUB’s need for an agile, easy-to-use, cloud-based producer management and compliance solution. Not only did working with AgentSync allow HUB to keep the function in-house, but the level of customization, flexibility, and useability that AgentSync provides has exceeded expectations at a time when visibility into the business and workforce is critical. 

“There’s a definite need in the market for the type of end-to-end broker solution AgentSync is building. Managing onboarding and compliance for over 6,500 insurance brokers is no small feat,” said John Albright, HUB’s chief legal officer. “Their core licensing and compliance product creates huge efficiencies for our broker licensing processes, and we’re excited to see what AgentSync’s new products will do to further improve operations across our teams.”

Real-time, actionable database

With AgentSync’s real-time NIPR integration, HUB can access the current licensing and compliance status of more than 6,500 brokers. Maintaining an updated, centralized licensing database across a growing company is a challenging and highly manual task for large organizations. With AgentSync, HUB has created cross-company efficiencies by tapping into a seamlessly integrated, actionable database that saves time and streamlines the licensing process.

Penelope Hopper, HUB’s director of compliance, is enthusiastic about the collaboration and what HUB has achieved with AgentSync so far. 

“HUB is proud to be the first major broker in the U.S. to work with AgentSync. The platform’s reporting and interface with NIPR show our leadership and corporate teams precisely what’s going on in this important piece of the business, and gives us unique ways to plan business and entrepreneurial opportunities in the future,” Hopper said. 

Reporting made easy

AgentSync’s highly visual and easy-to-navigate dashboards and reporting tools have increased visibility across the company, and, in particular, for HUB’s leadership team. Due to the highly complex organizational structure at HUB, the companies worked together to develop a tailored solution that provides insights into HUB’s network of brokers. Most importantly, AgentSync can scale alongside HUB’s growing business. 

Next-level support & customization

AgentSync and HUB worked closely to customize the solution to HUB’s exact specifications and unique business needs. Hands-on support from the AgentSync team has made the customization and implementation process seamless, acting as true partners to develop tailored tools just for HUB.

“We have been so pleased with the response AgentSync has provided us every time we call for help. Whether we need help with a reporting capability or have a suggestion on where the platform can be tailored to our needs, AgentSync has been quick to respond and creative with their solutions,” said Hopper. “Everyone from AgentSync’s leadership to our day-to-day support team has acted as thought-partners, helping us build a tool we can use every single day – this is not a piece of software that sits on the shelf. It has exceeded expectations.” 

Hear more from Hopper about how HUB is leveraging AgentSync’s capabilities to drive efficiency are available in this case study and video testimonial

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