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AgentSync receives advance alerts of upcoming state regulation changes and evaluates each one to determine what changes, if necessary, need to be made to the Manage product. AgentSync then prepares a release with the required update and coordinates its installation with each of our customers to coincide with the effective date of the change. Our Customer Success team communicates all changes and their impacts to our customers.

AgentSync has identified and built in validations for every state variation. Our team keeps these unique validations current through strict attention to state regulation changes.

AgentSync creates “Registry” appointment records for states that don’t require carriers to submit appointment transactions, and customers are able to report on these records as necessary when a state requests this information.

AgentSync allows the customer to identify the JIT states they would like to hold appointments for. When an appointment transaction is created for one of those states, it is automatically held and identified as JIT. Once new business is received from the producer in the state, the transaction will be released by manual or automated field completion. Automation is achieved via an integration with the customer’s policy administration system as long as that system offers API integrations.

AgentSync uses Verified First as a preferred background check provider; however, since AgentSync Manage is built on Salesforce, it is possible to integrate with any background check vendor the customer chooses as long as that vendor offers API integrations.

AgentSync Manage includes five objects customers can use to track producer CE: CE Provider, CE Categories, CE Requirements, CE Assignments, and CE Courses. AgentSync is actively pursuing integrations with top CE providers; however, since the AgentSync Manage product is built on Salesforce, it is possible to integrate with any CE provider that the customer chooses as long as the provider offers API integrations. If the CE provider offers a .csv file of courses completed, AgentSync Manage is able to import those records to eliminate the need for manual entry.

No, AgentSync Manage offers multiple data upload options that allow customers to import and update record data in bulk. Portals also allow producers to maintain their individual or agency information.

There are no states that allow processing of affiliations via the NIPR Gateway, and only Kansas and Washington report affiliations to the NIPR Producer Database. Therefore, AgentSync Manage is not able to process affiliations, but does offer the ability to track them. Affiliations related to a firm are also included in the Firm License transactions, as required by the state.

AgentSync Manage offers a Producer Compliance Scorecard that allows the customer to identify the producer’s assigned states and line(s) of authority. The scorecard calculates which states are missing licenses and/or lines of authority and which licenses are within the renewal period. The customer can then process all needed license transactions or filter to process specific licensing requests.