Insurance 101: What Is a Registry State?

There’s a definitive list of Registry states: Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois,…

09 Nov, 2022

Understanding Carrier Appointment Costs for Producers and Agencies in Massachusetts

When a carrier makes an agency-level appointment, Massachusetts law maintains that…

01 Jun, 2022

Obtaining a Carrier Appointment as a New Insurance Agency

Writing with carriers that have attractive products attracts top producers. And…

25 Apr, 2022

Carrier and Agency Duties Under the DOL Fiduciary Rule

It doesn’t matter where you fall in the industry, odds are,…

23 Mar, 2022

Massachusetts Now Using NIPR for Insurance Appointment Process

Massachusetts is just one of many states that have moved to…

17 Feb, 2022

Why Now’s the Time to Take Advantage of Just-In-Time Appointments

Guess what? You don’t actually need to appoint those producers right…

02 Feb, 2022

Myths and Mythconceptions in MGA and Carrier Appointments

Have you ever tugged absentmindedly at a loose thread on your…

24 Jan, 2022

Texas Appointment Changes – Losing the Sub-Agent Designation in the Lone Star State

Aside from “Bigger in Texas” humor, it’s important not to understate…

14 Jan, 2022

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